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Trail Dust Saddle Club

NEWS:  What an amazing Gymkhana the 9th was.  It was a real horse race.  Lots of young ladies won buckles for the very first time.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Now the year end totals will be tallied and will be at the next Gymkhana.  I should have them all done before and at the meeting.

A big thanks to everyones help Saturday with points, clean up, gates, and my booth help.  Thank you Pam!!!!  This is a lot of work to make it happen and I appreciate everyone.

There will be a board meeting that is open on the 19th at Bobbios at 7:00pm.  If you have board related issues please come and share with us your concerns in this different forum.  Or always feel free to message Bob with any pressing issues.

The board made a decision to no longer post time sheets on the web site.  They all will be available at every gymkhana and meeting.

Our next meeting is June 9th and gymkhana is the 6th.  We can't wait to see you all there.  

Sign ups at 8am starts at 9am.  Try to come early so we can get started on time and if you have two horses please put which horse you want to ride first.  We loved seeing all the new faces. I think it was a lot easier this time.  If it was still a little hard on you, please tell me at sign ups so I can see what I can do for you.

A big Thank You to Bob Burch for his generous sponsorship again.

*If someone not in masters would like to help me ALL DAY Saturday, you get to ride free for volunteering.  It is an all day commitment.  You can be a non-riding member and give it to a riding member also.  Please pm me on facebook.  Or come to me ASAP Sunday morning immediately.

Thank You,  Teri






Trail Dust Saddle Club
Gymkhana Series 2015


The Family Oriented Riding Club of Southern Oregon


All Events at Jackson County Fairgrounds, Central Point, Oregon
unless otherwise noted 

 Relevant is the age you are on January 1st 2015

All Meeting's held 2nd Tuesday of every month at Boobie's in Central Point at 7:00 PM

Spring Series Show Dates 2015

February 22,2015 1st Gymkhana of the season

March 14,2015

April 26,2015

May 9,2015

(must ride in 3 of 4 Spring series Gymkhanas to qualify for Spring Series High Point) (Membership is NOT required for Spring Series or Daily High Point)

Regular Series show dates

June 6,2015

August 2,2015

September 12,2015

October 4,2015

Must ride in 5 of 8 gymkhana events(Spring series and regular series combined) and be a qualified member for year end awards for 2015.

Please check the website for show updates and times

Daily High Point & Reserve High Point in each division (all age divisions except leadline have A & B Time Break)

Events 2015

  • Pole Bending
  • Texas Barrels
  • Speed Barrels
  • Key Race
  • Bi-Wrangle
  • Random Event 

Random Events for 2015

February - Big M
March -Idaho Figure Eight
April - Sidewinder
May - Double Bowtie
June - Turn & Burn
​August - Butterfly Race
September - Timed Agility
 - Single Stake Race

Age groups 2015


  • Leadline (First 3 events of the day)
  • PeeWee 11 & under
  • Junior 12 - 16
  • Senior 17 - 38 
  • Masters 39 & over

Working order of events will be posted day of competition

Annual membership $25.00 first family member $10.00 each additional membership or horse. Family membership is capped at $50.00 per year.

$4 per event + $2 office fee per rider/horse combo

Must be a member, attend 5 of 8 series gymkhana events and 4 club meetings to qualify for year end awards.

Trail Dust Saddle Club rules apply.


Judge's decisions are final.



Officers 2015

Trail Boss-Jim Goguen
Treasurer - Julie Slaughter
Secretary- Teri Bennett
President Bob Burch

Board Members

Karli Burch
Kelly Worthington
Chamaine Triplett
​Victoria Goguen
Vickie Nigh
Kerstin Gray
Breanna McDonald
Sandi Humphries


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